Pembroke Paint Company Ltd. was formed in 1987 by John and Susan Swift. It is a small local family owned business, currently operated by the second generation of the Swift family. We are proud to have been a key component in the beauty of Bermudian architecture and the general look of the island overall. Our aim is to be a “character in our community” and we enjoy the relationships we have with many charities, contractors and families throughout Bermuda.

Our goal is to provide excellent service, excellent paint and reasonable prices. We have the largest inventory in Bermuda of paint and related materials. We are made up of 100% Bermudian employees and management and are centrally located with lots of free parking.


With PPG Paints, you can bring inspiration from the world around you into your home.

PPG, a world coatings leader, makes coatings for everything from airplanes to cars, and skyscrapers to golf balls. This innovation and technology is also a key focus in PPG Paints products. Trust the brand that has been providing high quality products for over a century- trust your home to PPG Paints, BECAUSE EVERY JOB MATTERS™.

Handcrafted by an alliance of passionate small business owners across the U.S. and Canada, C2 Paint is the first paint company to employ a 16-colorant European tinting system rather than the 12-colorant systems known in North America today.

C2 Paint’s European colorants are made of finely ground artist-grade pigments that create an unmatchable luminosity and depth. These tiny particles of pigment are suspended in superior paint, which results in higher solid content when applied on the wall, thereby creating richer, deeper colors. In addition, the four extra pigments are high-strength and not available in typical color systems, which gives C2 Paint more "tools in the toolbox" to achieve greater color vibrancy and superior hiding.

The C2 LoVo Line

C2 Paint is committed to producing the highest quality paint available, with a complexity of color that is second to none. We remain diligent in our quest to find products, people and facilities that represent our dedication to the industry, to quality, to the environment and our consumers.

We take great pride in the fact that all of our paint products exceed national and European environmental safety regulations in regards to maintaining a healthy environment.

C2 Cabinet & Trim Paint

Our revolutionary Cabinet & Trim paint combines C2 Paint with patented PolyWhey® technology — a safe, easy-to-use finish using recycled dairy whey protein. This innovative formula blends the elegance of an "Old World" traditional oil-based paint with the benefits of modern-day, low-VOC technology. The result is a smooth, porcelain-hard finish that is one of the most eco-friendly and durable products we have ever created. In fact, it’s so durable it’s also great for use on floors.

Glid-ability  Goes on smooth and easy, no matter the paint, wall color or finish. No muss. No fuss. Who knew painting could feel so good?

Quick Coat Coverage  Covers many colors in just one coat. Out with the old and in with the new.

Endurance  We've scrubbed walls painted with Glidden™ Paints 1,000 times with a nylon brush and scouring paste. The look you love will last. Try our paint samples to prove it.

Stain Resistance  Tough stains can be removed with soap and water, so wiping down walls is a snap.

Scrub-ability  When walls require more than just a wipe-down, our paint stands up to heavy scrubbing with bristle brushes and scouring paste.

Bond-ability  Walls, doors and edges resist chipping and peeling because our paint is made to stick to even the most difficult surfaces.

Rub Resistance  Our paint resists glossy spots from repeated contact in high-traffic areas.